New Blog?

Some of you may be asking “why are you starting another blog?”. And to be honest, I don’t really have a good answer for that. I have always LONGED for a good medium for my thoughts to be put down in a text format. I make videos everyday, but I have been looking for a more personal way to share my thoughts for a long time and even though I have tried many blogs like this is the past, none of them really clicked and i quickly lost interest and i stopped posting. So, in a  way, this is another try. I wanna talk about more than just tech so maybe the best way for me to do that is right here? I can post pics and videos(maybe) but I dont plan on making that a habit. I want this to be mainly a text  blog for things Im thinking and things I wanna share. So wish it luck.


About Eric Meek

Just an average, everyday Apple lover.
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