What Do You Guys Think?

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As you can see, I’ve began using word press. If you know me you know I enjoy posting and making videos. The problem with that is word press  only allows 3GB of storage on your free blog. ANd I also notice ther is a video upgrade and a space upgrade. With the space upgrade I can buy as little as 5 dollars worth of extra space but withe the video option its 60 bucks or nothing.  I’m sick to death of getting another MONTHLY BILL! Tell me why i the video upgrade is stuck at 60 a year when storage upgrades can be gotten from 5 and up? Isnt storage space, storage space? If i buy the 5 dollar option to upgarde my space can I not also upload a video? Are they telling me I have to pay for separate storage space? They charge me for storage upgrades so i can upload more music and pics but they want me to buy the video upgrade to be able to upload videos? I dont get it. Now, I would like to have more space for my vids on word press but i don’t know if I’m gonna need THAT much space for word press. Ill just link from youtube, lol. So leave a comment. Should I bite the bullet and get more space on this blog? Let me know. Im really confused. I see a “Space Upgrade” and I see a “video upgrade” The space upgrade is explained as”extra shelfs for you media” and the video upgrade is described as “upload, store, share” SO PLEASE TELL ME THE DIFFERENCE.


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2 Responses to What Do You Guys Think?

  1. djtj1001 says:

    Is this what you wanted?

  2. Tom Carnohan says:

    Here is a test of the commenting without an account, you just enter your name and email so reply updates are sent to you

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