Google and China

I have to weigh in on this whole Google vs. China thing. First off, let me say, Google should of never been there in the first place. WHy is the HELL was they catering to a country that censored the internet when Google IS, for a purposes, the internet? One word answer, MONEY! And the other simple fact is Google would still be censoring search in China if they would of never been hacked. China hacked them and got caught and if not for that than Google would still be doing what it was doing before all this happened. So don’t be to quick to think Google has taken some kind of moral high ground, they haven’t. Now they say they offer uncensored search through Hong King or The problem with that is, China just censers people accessing SO now, Google gets to offer what looks to be uncensored search and gets labeled some high and mighty moral person and China keeps its censorship. They both win.


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  1. China is a problem in many area’s.

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