iTunes Update Means Apple Is Getting Ready.

Am I the only one excited about this newest iTunes update? This update brings iPad compatibility to itunes. Its the cherry on top now all we need is the sunday, which ironically, will be here Saturday. Now I may be crazy but I seem to of noticed that the audiobooks section has been renamed just to Books. Am I right or am I wrong? I, for one, don’t think keeping Audio books and text books together are a good organizing idea. Id love to be able to keep audiobooks separate from text books but ill manage I guess. And on a side note, I have been taking a lot of interest in ebooks lately. Im sure its because of the ipad but regardless, I have been looking at the Kindle ebook store and im interested. The question I have is this. Will I have to use the kindle iPad app to read my ebooks bought from Amazon for my kindle or will the ipad ebook app read them? If the ipad app reads them than amazon may be ok. If not, ill stop using amazon and use itunes for convenience. They already have my credit card on file, its one click and I can do it anywhere. Which the same is true for the kindle app BUT the main thing is its not Apple app. I always use Apples native app when given a choice. I trust the Apple app and I trust the security behind the app even more. Why would I stop using apple apps in favor of 3rd party apps when Apple has never let me down? If prices are the same, its gonna be ibooks for me. And Im hearing that kindle, even with the ipad taking kindle sales, will make millions on selling ebooks to ipad users through its amazon kindle ipad app. Lots of people trust Amazon Like I do apple adn they want to continue to use the kindle store but want the ipad to do it on. So regardless of the outcome of the kindle, Amazon will be JUST FINE.


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One Response to iTunes Update Means Apple Is Getting Ready.

  1. Michael Mckeever says:

    I think Amazon will be fine and improve the Kindle. itunes update has was great to say the least, i thought it would be just a spk, but I was wrong.

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