iPad First Thoughts.

Well, I wanted to wait until I used my iPad a couple days before blogging about it and all I can say is “WOW”. I’m far more impressed than i thought I would be. The design, the feel, the speed, and the ability to check mail, surf the net etc. are all nothing new but this device sure makes those things feel new. There have been, of course, tons of complaints from the techie crowd about what the ipad lacks and all I can say is stop being a “glass is half empty” kinda guy. Lets look at all the things it does do. Its not that its doing anything new, its how it does it thats special and its hard to convey that to other people until they have spent a fair a=mount of time with the ipad. I haven’t had any problems but others are complaining of wifi connections. My wifi seems to be working like a charm and gets great signals, so the verdict is still out on that aspect. But to be honest I haven’t had to touch my macbook for anything the last 3 days except for editing and uploading youtube vids. Its that good. Every newspaper in the country has raved about it so i say they all cant be wrong. If you want USB, get the dongle, if you want SD cards, get the dongle. The ipad is amazing and soon you will realize it too. Ill go deeper in my next post….


About Eric Meek

Just an average, everyday Apple lover.
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