Well, I have finally had a few days to spend with my new iPad. Only one word can describe it, amazing. Now I know I’m a self proclaimed apple fanboy, but fanboy or not this thing is quit wonderful. So wonderful in fact I haven’t had to use my MacBook pro in 3 days. The only time I did use it was to edit and upload a YouTube video. Now some may say the iPad sucks or it needs flash or a camera or an internal USB port etc. But I have to say while some of those things could be nice, I don’t need them especially at the expense of my experience. I think things like battery life could not of been 10 hours with flash. I think apple has made all the right choices this time around and although it may look like a big iPod touch,believe me, Its anything but. So if your on the fence about buying an ipad don’t be, I think you wont be disappointed.


About Eric Meek

Just an average, everyday Apple lover.
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