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As you more than likely guess, Im typing this post on my ipad right now. And believe me, if it wasnt comfortable, I wouldnt be doing it. But its suprisingly gratifying. Im not even sure why. People have begun to ask me if I am having wifi problems with my ipad or if im loosing signal. When I first got my iPad, it dropped my intenet signal twice while surfing and after that not a single problem. It seems it forgot my password once adn after i reentered it ive been dandy. Its pretty fast but I have found some of the launch day apps to be buggy. Not all, Id say about 15% of them have crashed. So out of maybe 100 apps for teh ipad i own maybe 3 or so have crashed/reset. So as far as odds, it looks like teh problems are few and far between.

I do have a problem with a guy named Jeff Jarvis’ view on the ipad. A self proclaimed google fanboy as I am Apple. But he said he didn’t like the ipad. One day he is gushing over it then after he talks to his cronies at google and they tell him to try and start a media backlash on the ipad he changed his tune about the device. What kind of pro journalist says one thing and then the next day does a complete 180? Not a good one ill tell you that. I love Jeff’s worl most the time, he’s a great writer and he’s has given Apple some high praise in the past but this time…..he’s wrong.


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