Adobe and Apple

I think the below RANT about sums it up:

“Purchasing Macromedia was the worst decision that Adobe has made in the past decade or so as it they gobbled up their largest, and almost last, competitor.

At this point I would go as far as saying that Adobe has a monopoly on the design market. This is evidenced by the seemingly pointless upgrade to CS5 less than 24 months from the release of CS4. As others have mentioned it, Adobe is basically charging $600 for bug fixes while discontinuing bug fixes on the previous generation. Even Microsoft is still releasing patches for Windows XP and Windows 2003 7+ years from the release of each product.

Many have stated that Apple is attempting to harm Adobe’s business, but Adobe refuses to make use of many Apple built technologies that could significantly improve performance on the Mac versions of CS, this while optimizing code heavily for Windows and leaving 68k and PPC code in the Mac versions. Adobe has tried to make themselves look better by stating that they released free updates to PPC and a beta for Intel (see John Nack’s blog) but in reality Apple pushed developers to move to Cocoa over 10 years ago and only relented to release Carbon as an effort to appease developers. For every subsequent revision of Mac OS X, Apple systematically deprecated old APIs and as many vestiges of OS 9 that they could, meanwhile trying to produce a solid modern framework for software development.

Adobe is simply trying to make the best out of their previous development, which is a good business decision for them, but to effectively move the platform forward Apple had to make choices like killing 64-bit Carbon. While I understand that Adobe had to make a tough decision in how to move forward, they are still releasing new versions of CS without completing the current versions or fixing bugs with software that was released within the previous 2 years. I would even go as far as to say that Microsoft treats their customers better today. Wow!

Also, for all of those complaining about problems for tools like the Unity game engine, doing a little research you will find that Unity generates an Xcode project for the iPhone. To function properly this would have to generate code that compiles natively with one of the various compilers that Apple has made available as of late. As this is generating native code it will likely not be subject to these restrictions.

Lastly, will someone please tell me how a mouse-over is going to work on a touch enabled OS? Please someone answer this question and tell us what Flash actually provides beyond HTML5 besides a scripting language that designers can understand. Oh wait, they are both scripting or markup languages that don’t actually require substantial knowledge of a high level programming language to develop applications. All this is going to do is create a lot of shovel ware that will likely run poorly. Why should we believe that Adobe will optimize their code for ARM on Mac OS X any better than they have for Intel or PPC on Mac OS X.”


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