A Short Post On Apple Anti-Trust, BP Oil Spills, and Google Gets ad blocked. What A Week It’s Been.

It’s hard to feel sorry for Google when it comes to matters of market share and anti-trust. Recently Google has been crying about Apple cutting it off from its iOS platform in its new TOS. At least it seems that is what Google wants the public to believe but the truth of the mater is the terms don’t block Google from serving mobile ads in iOS, they just block Google from collecting analytics (information) on its users. With as much info Google has on all us already, it makes me happy knowing Google isn’t gonna get my mobile info so they can stuff ads down my throat while I use my iPhone. I just think its funny that the largest internet ad company (Google) just bought the largest mobile ad company (Admob) and now they are mad and crying cause the new guy on the block wont share his info. I say screw them.

Now on to a rather more serious headline. The BP oil spill of 2010. Well, its not an “oil spill” technically, its an “oil leak”. The difference being spills happen fast and are over, leaks continue to seep liquid until the leak is stopped, which looks like it wont be till August if we are lucky. Thats f**ked. Everybody knows i’m not a big “save the planet” kind of guy, but I live here. Im not worried about the planet, Im worried about me and my kids. What else is there to say besides “we really done it this time”.


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