My first real post using my iPad.

Well, as I sit here and write my first full blog post using my iPad I can honestly say I think I can so this without any problem. This is much better than I expected. I can actually type fairly quickly with this big touch keyboard. I am now convinced that people say they can’t get by with this is just crazy. I have used by laptop at least half as much since I got this iPad and I think that will end up being the case for most people. It’s hard to get out of our geek world and into the normal one. Us geeks are hard to impress when it comes to technology. I’m a geek and can be quit picky when it comes to my tech but most people just don’t care as long ad it works and with the iPad, it’s gonna set a new bar for people who have never cared about tech. Now these people will use the iPad and it being there first touch tablet experience will have a very high bar set for any other tablet coming after. It’s hard to impress when your customer starts out with the top of the line and this is exactly the experience I have had with my idevices.


About Eric Meek

Just an average, everyday Apple lover.
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