Census and Race

I read an article the other day about a census report and on that census report they ask for your “race”. Now as I was reading the comments on this article I found many, many people to be offended by the question and others even put “human” down instead of the common answer. But I hate to tell them ,Humans are a species. Although on the surface, the question may seem loaded and racial, I implore you to reconsider. I know some of you may feel, that by putting down your race, your gonna be descriminated aginst and the government has no business and shouldn’t care if your white or black etc. And I was BLASTED by a person in the comments for taking the side of the census survey by saying it can be a good thing. This is why I was prompted to write this post. It upset me to be called racist for something as small as saying I agreed with the survey and think population surveys are a good thing for everyone overall..So, what you have to realize is that the census data is used for real things that help us. Medical research for one. Look at cycle cell.  Sickle cell is, in the United States, very prevalent among dark skinned people and almost completely absent in “white” populations. This is why sickle cell anemia has been, for a very long time, associated with people of dark skin color. This association has been based on the partially correct assumption that sickle cell originates in Africa and those who are of African descent (and therefore very often dark skinned) are the only people who can carry the gene for the disease and pass it on genetically. Now, this is only an example. But if you cant see the medical benefits to sickle cell research as its related to the census survey (population survey), your blind and maybe your the racist one here. It helps research to know the given amount of african americans, for instance, in a given area if conducting sickle cell research. They can tell if sickle cell is more predominant on the east coast or west coast, etc.. All thanks to the help of the Census survey. So before you put “human” as your answer, think again. You may be hurting yourself and own race by the stand your trying to make.

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