“Why do you think the road to an industry standard web has been slow ? could it be because content providers and publishers fall back on the old stuff to deliver ? imagine if the original iMac came with parallel/printer/ADB ports in addition to USB, would peripheral makers have moved as quickly as they did to make USB devices ? Apple’s abandoning flash, and pushing an industry standard web is the primary reason why content providers are migrating away from flash. No one else dared to take the risk to do so, to make the web industry standard. The iPad, which is capable of rendering industry standard webpages amazingly has been on the market for about a month, and the web has already begun transforming. If it’s not fast enough for you, i encourage you to persuade the sites you frequent to adopt the industry standards for publishing to the web. Apple has born the brunt of the risk in moving this industry forward in this regard, and the rest is up to the publishers. I can guarantee you that had Apple allowed flash on the platform, no publisher would have bothered with industry standards. And users would have been stuck with a insecure hog of a platform, and Apple would have been at the mercy of Adobe to deliver a compelling user experience to it’s customers. For customers, companies, publishers, content providers, and the industry as a whole to move forward…. Flash (in it’s current plug-in/runtime form) has to die.” -Anonymous


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One Response to Standards?

  1. Someone had to take the first step. Sadly that is what it sometimes takes.

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