Screw Google and there Back Sliding Statements.

Looks like Google pussy is starting to hurt. And though I am glad they are making a facebook alternative, and I will use it. I hate facebook more than google, but going back on such big statements is pussified and wrong.

Screw Google. They are completely pussing out and backing down on there word.

“Tonight, David Drummond, Google’s top legal executive, has written a post outlining Google’s “new approach” to China. Basically, they’re ending the redirect from to — and restarting the Chinese Google page. But instead of being the full (and fully censored) site that it once was, Google is making it into a completely degraded search engine”

“While they’re still refusing to censor (which Chinese law requires), they are willing to stop the redirect which China finds “unacceptable.” Why? Because if they don’t, China won’t renew the Internet Content Provider license — will cease to be.”

“Google clearly knew the risks it was taking with their actions — they did them anyway. That’s what made the move seem so ballsy and brilliant. But, of course, that was before the first real punch was thrown. Now that it has been, and they’re flinching — no matter how slightly — the actions seem less ballsy, less brilliant.”

“Would it be wise for Google to simply let be shut down? Or for them to fully pull out of China? Of course not. But this wasn’t supposed to be about what’s “wise.” This was supposed to be about what’s “right.”

“The power was all in the redirect. It was a big “fuck you” to China. They were saying: “You know everyone that goes to our Chinese site expecting censored results? Well, now we’re going to send them to an uncensored site. Do something about it.” Well, China did. And now Google’s reaction is to change that “fuck you” into a more docile “we don’t like you very much” with that link to from”

“The link is weak. It’s moving responsibility for uncensored searches away from Google and putting it into the laps of Chinese users”

“he power of Google’s initial message was anchored by the fact that they said they were ready to leave China and shut down if it came to that. Now that it has come to that, and it’s clear they’re not going to do that”

so i guess they was blowing out there ass when they threatened to leave?

They said they would shut doen google offices if they had to, lol. Bunch of f**king ass talking bulls**tters.

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